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The Ultimate Guide to Sparkrock 365 for Nonprofit Organizations. If your Nonprofit organization is typical, you use many applications for finance, human resources, scheduling, payroll and reporting. These systems don’t talk to each other. Everyone on your staff works in their own little silo. Which means you are continually concerned about the integrity and accuracy […]

Recruiters Give Tips on How to Tackle a Job Search in the Age of AI


Two executive recruiters are warning job candidates that artificial intelligence used in applicant tracking systems (ATSs) can sift through and reject resumes, thereby knocking candidates out of their opportunity to successfully gain employment. To tackle this problem, candidates should develop strategies to improve their ATS experience. The two HR executives—Matty Ferguson, staff recruiting manager at […]

ERP vs. MRP: what you need to know before buying a new ERP system

Discover the critical factors to consider when deciding between an ERP vs. MRP system for your manufacturing business–along with expert checklists and ERP comparisons to help in your decision. Find the best ERP software: Over 200 ERP and manufacturing systems evaluated. SelectHub analyst ratings are combined with thousands of user ratings to create software checklists […]

Simplifying complex compensation

How Leading Companies Are Using Strategic Compensation Technology To Drive Better Business Results For many employers, compensation cycles have become longer, more complex and stressful resulting in a more administrative than strategic approach. In this paper, we share an in-depth study on how global compensation leaders are executing a more strategic planning method that saves […]

Can IFS do for assets what Salesforce did for CRM?


Identity is everything in today’s super-competitive enterprise tech market. Oracle built an imperious business on its database credentials and then dominated finance. Salesforce has owned the CRM space for two decades and became the world’s biggest biz apps vendor as a result. Workday emerged to tackle HCM for big enterprises and is now the default […]

Government Agencies Deserves a Better Way to Pentest

A Synack Perspective for the Public Sector The public sector is feeling the squeeze between an increase in cyber attacks and a lack of increased resources to keep up. In a recent survey conducted on behalf of SolarWinds, public sector respondents reported increased concern over ransomware, malware and phishing the most over the previous year, […]