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Next-Gen Contact Center Strategies

CX is essential to every business, so why do budgets and costs still hinder contact center initiatives? Make a stronger business case for your contact center transformation with new strategies. You will learn how to prioritize projects, how to engage stakeholders, and when it’s time to take a risk in this guide. Watch Now

SaaS HR provider appoints tech heavyweight as CTO


Ciphr, the UK’s leading SaaS HR provider, has appointed David Burns as its chief technology officer (CTO). He joins the group’s leadership team and board of directors, with immediate effect. Burns takes on responsibility for Ciphr’s product development and management and will lead all technical activities for the Marlow-based, ECI-backed group, including development, internal IT, […]

Compliance and marketing can work together effectively

SaifrReview™ helps marketing and compliance collaborate and efficiently create on-brand, compliant materials. For groups such as compliance and marketing, working well together can be tricky. SaifrReview™ can greatly improve your organization’s communication and collaboration because it enables everyone to use the same tool and literally be on the same page. Our AI can analyze all […]

What You Need to Know About Facility Siting and Revalidation

Facility Siting is an assessment of occupied buildings given potential exposure to explosion, fire and toxic hazards. As stated in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standard 29 CFR Part 1910, it is a requirement for Process Safety Management (PSM) covered processes. Sites are always changing and, as a part of the Management of […]

Federal Agency Gains Critical Insight Into Their Security Posture

CISO demands second opinion after internal reporting showed zero vulnerabilities Security testing within a large US federal government agency was dispersed by department and performed by various teams. Pentesting was required, but each division operated somewhat independently and hired testers with various skill levels. Results were inconsistent and data from testing was trapped in written […]

Operationalizing Pentesting 101: Securing Your External Attack Surface

Security leaders are on high alert. From Russian cyber threats to proliferating malware, there’s a wide spectrum of new challenges in critical infrastructure. Join a talk with Synack’s CEO, Jay Kaplan, and Kevin Tambascio, IT/OT Attack Surface Reduction Manager at Cleveland Clinic as they discuss best practices for operationalizing pen-testing. From on-demand security testing to […]

The Public Sector Deserves a Better Way to Pentest

A Synack Perspective for the UK Government The public sector is feeling the squeeze between an increase in cyber attacks and a lack of increased resources to keep up. In a recent survey conducted on behalf of SolarWinds, public sector respondents reported increased concern over ransomware, malware, and phishing over the previous year, but time […]