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Reasons to replace your VPN today

The traditional approach to security has primarily centered around fortifying the network perimeter. Once users are inside this perimeter, they are presumed to be trustworthy and are typically granted broad access to numerous corporate resources. However, the rise of both internal and external malicious actors has highlighted the flaws in this perimeter-based model, and several […]

Are your customers heading in the right direction?

Customers don’t follow just one path on their journey with your brand. Often, their path is full of twists and turns, alternate routes, detours, and divergences. This mini-guide goes over the systems and tools your organization can put in place to map digital customer journeys, which enables digital and customer experience leaders to view and […]

Updating HR processes: the importance of employee and manager self service


Some of the most agile businesses across Birmingham and the West Midlands are beginning to consider change programmes more regularly in order to introduce more autonomy to the workplace. Employee self-service (ESS) and manager self-service (MSS) systems are tools that can help give autonomy and responsibility back to employees across several human resource (HR) functions. […]

Mass Casualty Incident

Our MCI training ensures your cadets are mission-ready with realistic scenes, dynamic sound effects, and life-like victims, based off of years of after action reports. Training cadets using traditional MCI methods takes hours of setup and thousands in overtime pay—just to train one time. ATS’ MCI Training allows you to train all your personnel as […]

Gartner sees 20% employee turnover for foreseeable future

Human Resource

The pandemic, remote and hybrid work, and cost-of-living increases are disrupting the workforce like never before. And these trends are prompting employees to reconsider the role of work in their lives, according to Gartner. The research and consultancy’s theme for its ReimagineHR 2022 conference, which opened Monday, was an argument that workforces are fragmenting and […]