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Drive revenue by turning feedback into actional strategies

With an integrated VOC program, you can understand why calls are made, how calls are handled, and how the collective experience makes customers feel. Combined, this information provides valuable insights that can help you maintain what is already effective and find areas where you can enhance the experience. This eBook will show you how. Deliver […]

Amplify your CX initiative with a holistic VOC program

 Listening to customer feedback fosters customer trust and loyalty. In fact, studies show that 81% of customers become more loyal if a company has a dedicated Voice of the Customer program. This new eBook details how customer experience leaders can lay the groundwork for fully integrated, personalized experiences every time, inspiring lifetime loyalty every step […]

2023 E&C Programme Effectiveness Report

About the LRN Ethics & Compliance Programme Effectiveness Report LRN’s annual Ethics & Compliance Programme Effectiveness Report reflects the input of ethics and compliance professionals from around the world, filtered through insights gained from our research as well as our work with thousands of companies and organisations worldwide. The 2023 report is based on a […]

Webinar: Applying XDR to broadband critical networks’ cybersecurity – CCW 23

The security posture of critical communication networks, which are undergoing a relevant change moving from narrowband to broadband, keeps constantly changing. 4G and then 5G network architectures introduce fundamental new challenges for security. 4G “all IP” networks and 5G more “flexible” architectures with slicing and core network exposure capabilities together with a wider eco-system of […]

Operational Resilience is Leading GRC Transformation

Eight in 10 CROs say regulatory scrutiny on operational resilience has increased in the past year. An insightful new report from Celent explains how financial institutions can achieve the level of operational resilience required to meet stricter regulatory requirements for governance, risk and compliance (GRC) in the Asia Pacific region. Download Operational Resilience is Leading […]

Workflow Quarterly: This Way Out​

Successful companies now and in the years ahead will need to leverage their data to respond faster, to be more resilient, and to take advantage of opportunities as quickly as possible. In this issue of Workflow Quarterly, we bring you a collection of thought-provoking articles that explore these themes in even greater depth. On page […]

Beyond VPN: Securing your network with ZTNA

VPNs are no longer enough to secure your network connection While they worked to fill the gap in a crisis situation, VPNs are no longer optimal for keeping businesses safe from the risk of a breach. As Mike Vizard of Techstrong Group states, “There’s no doubt VPNs play a critical role in enabling employees to […]

Xref goes full “hire to retire” with launch of new Enterprise platform


The new “Xref Enterprise” platform will offer, in addition to reference checking, Pulse Surveys that allow HR teams to continuously survey and measure employee satisfaction, and Exit Surveys to gather organisational metrics, derive an employee NPS, and build a talent pipeline of returning employees. It is designed to build an organisation’s corporate memory through data […]

Best practices for navigating risk in challenging times

Inspiring Principled Performance is core to what we do at LRN. It embodies our commitment to helping people around the world do the right thing, and our understanding of what makes ethics and compliance (E&C) programmes truly effective in that mission. Welcome to our 2023 Ethics & Compliance Programme Effectiveness Report. This report provides insight […]

Enhance Recruiting Tools To Attract Qualified Candidates


As the labor shortage continues and resignations remain at record levels, leaders are hard-pressed to find qualified candidates to fill open positions. While many are addressing the situation with improved benefits and perks, that does not necessarily translate to ideal candidates who are perfect fits for companies. Enhancing recruiting tools such as job descriptions and sourcing […]