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The Ultimate Buyers’ Guide for Compensation Management: How Your Strategy Should Drive Your Technology

Would you agree that compensation management may be the most critical HR function? After all, it affects operating budgets, employee engagement, recruiting, retention, performance, and productivity. Compensation can account for 20-50% of your total operating cost. From an employee engagement perspective, compensation touches every aspect of the employee life cycle. This means there are many […]

ERP Flexibility Trumps Loyalty In The Cloud


How much loyalty exists in the ERP business? More than you might think, according to a new survey by ERP software provider Epicor. However, that loyalty only lasts so long in the fast-changing world of cloud ERP, SaaS solutions, and digital transformation, it found. Epicor’s Industry Insights Report 2022 sheds some light on the state […]

The Lead Generation Playbook

How to approach each type of lead A one-size-fits-most approach to lead conversion doesn’t work for one very important reason: every lead has different needs. Not only that, their expectations shift as they move further down the funnel. Meeting and exceeding these ever-changing expectations requires a personalized approach that can be hard for first-time—or even […]

8 Top Rated Software For HR Professionals


As an HR manager at a small business, you engage in multiple HR processes. You oversee recruitment, manage and engage employees, track remote workers, and look for ways to gather employee feedback. Of course, these are just a few of the HR tasks you are involved in. To help make these tasks easier and quicker […]

When banking works, the world works

Becoming a bank of the future must be done faster than ever before, and at scale. Today, digitisation means banks need to drive revenue growth, improve experiences, and adopt a hyperautomated approach, and they need to do it now. Get ahead of the market by reducing costs while delivering seamless experiences, futurising risk, mitigating security […]