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New directions for children, youth, adults & families

HOW THEY NOW LEVERAGE TECHNOLOGY TO SERVE MORE PEOPLE: New Directions has been able to grow tremendously by increasing their efficiencies and reducing the time it takes to complete administrative processes. The biggest time saver for the organization has been how they’re now able to pay their foster parents. Instead of manually keying in every […]

Elevate And Future-Proof Your ERP System Through Embedded Commerce


Forward-thinking B2B and service businesses like distributors, manufacturers, wholesalers and even construction suppliers are finding new ways to connect with buyers by turning their ERP solutions into a competitive asset via embedded commerce. Not all ERPs are created equal, and some cloud solutions may be easier to navigate, but even legacy ERP systems that rely […]

Five ways for new project managers to get noticed


As a new project manager (PM), getting noticed in the hiring process is not always easy. Many entry-level positions require a college degree and 1-3 years of working experience in a particular industry. But how are you supposed to meet these expectations if no one will hire you due to lack of experience? According to the […]