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Can IFS do for assets what Salesforce did for CRM?


Identity is everything in today’s super-competitive enterprise tech market. Oracle built an imperious business on its database credentials and then dominated finance. Salesforce has owned the CRM space for two decades and became the world’s biggest biz apps vendor as a result. Workday emerged to tackle HCM for big enterprises and is now the default choice for HR leaders.

Each of these vendors has commanded market-leader status and become synonymous with a particular enterprise function. Over recent years, the concept of identity has also taken hold across industries as well as line-of-business operations – and we see this most clearly with Oracle as it prepares to take a sovereign position in healthcare tech.

In traditional enterprise applications, the gap between the leaders and the also-rans has closed. In the past, many dominant positions in ERP and HCM were maintained due to a lack of credible competition. Today, that’s not the case and to be a true leader you must fend off stiff competition to claim superiority.

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