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Double the value of your equity compensation communications

Compensation is the top driver of employee retention. Read this white paper to learn 3 key steps to making equity a more important benefit for your employees!

Retaining top talent is one of the biggest challenges facing companies in today’s competitive labor market. And company leaders know that compensation is king.

According to findings from Towers Watson’s 2014 Global Workforce and Global Talent Management and Rewards Studies, base pay/salary is the top driver of employee retention. This makes equity compensation a vital component of an employee benefit package. In addition, a recent GuideSpark study found that almost 50% of employees surveyed wish they had better training in communicating better compensation and benefits, and one-third of managers don’t feel equipped to handle compensation conversations with their direct reports.

Investing in More Effective Communications for Your Employee Benefit Plan

UBS Participant Voice outlined the 3 Key Steps to making equity a more important benefit for employees:

  • Drive a strong culture that reinforces the company’s growth potential
  • Ensure your equity compensation plan design is straightforward for easy engagement
  • Deliver education and personalized advice that puts equity compensation in the context of a participant’s overall financial picture.

Download this free white paper today and learn how effective communications surrounding your equity program will help you to tackle all three!

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