Confluent Platform Reference Architecture for Kubernetes

Apache Kafka® is an open source distributed streaming platform designed to provide the essential components necessary for managing streaming data storage (Kafka Core), data integration (Kafka Connect API), and processing (Kafka Streams API). Apache Kafka is a proven technology deployed in many production environments to power some of the world’s largest stream processing systems.

Confluent Platform, the enterprise distribution of Apache Kafka, is intended for largescale production environments. It improves Apache Kafka by expanding its integration capabilities, adding tools to optimize and manage Kafka clusters, and ensuring the streams are secure. With native support for Kubernetes in Confluent Platform, developers and operators can automate Kafka operations on Kubernetes in production. Confluent provides production-ready Confluent Platform Docker images, configuration templates for Kubernetes, a reference architecture with best practices for running Kafka on Kubernetes, as well as Confluent Operator to automate cluster operations.

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