Confluent Platform Reference Architecture

Choosing the right deployment model is critical for the success and scalability of the Confluent event streaming platform. We want to provide the right hardware (and cloud instances) for each use case to ensure that the system reliably provides high-throughput and low-latency data streams.

This white paper provides a reference for data architects and system administrators who are planning to deploy Apache Kafka® and Confluent Platform in production. We discuss important considerations for production deployments and provide guidelines for the selection of hardware and cloud instances. We also provide recommendations on how to deploy the Kafka Connect API in production, as well as components of Confluent Platform that integrate with Apache Kafka, such as the Confluent Schema Registry, Confluent REST Proxy, and Confluent Control Center.

This document is intended to provide guidelines for self-managing Confluent Platform, either on premises or in a public cloud. If you are interested in a fully-managed event streaming service, consider Confluent Cloud.

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