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Implementing and Updating the Human Resource Framework for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Applications

In Microsoft Dynamics® AX 2012, the human resources framework has been enhanced to provide greater flexibility and sustainability across the organization. The data model has also been completely revised to permit many of the core Human Resources (HR) tables to be shared and to enable new functionality. Therefore, developers will need to update every reference made to human resources data entities to reference the new tables.

In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, multiple worker types were stored in a single table (the EmplTable table), with a type differentiator to indicate whether the entry was for an employee, a contractor, or a work center. Date-effective employment and personal data were stored in a single relationship table, and application teams extended the definition of the EmplTable table by modifying the EmplTable or a related table within the human resources data model. The HRMVirtualNetworkTable table was used to implement functionality common to employees, contractors, applicants, and contacts.

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