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On-point onboarding with recruitment software


Onboarding is an integral part of the recruitment process to ensure a successful start for new employees. When organisations are looking to hire the best talent in a crowded market, it pays to prioritise the onboarding process. In this insight, we look at where onboarding responsibilities sit and the value of recruitment software for onboarding.

A structured onboarding process for new recruits is crucial to building engagement and sharing knowledge, values, and what to expect in their role. It is also beneficial for employers to build on the brand and EVP a candidate has experienced to date, mitigate the number of no-shows on day one and improve the retention of new starters over key short-term milestones.

Does one size onboarding fit all?

Onboarding can be a generic process for all new starters or for more complex organisations that recruit for many different business areas or across different geographies; you may opt for multiple onboarding processes, each aligned to the business area, role, location and so on.

It helps to define where your onboarding process starts and where this responsibility sits in the business. For some organisations, it begins at the point of making an offer.

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