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Your Roll-Up Strategy: What Should You Do About Disparate ERP Systems?


Your strategy is to roll up companies and drive value through economies of scale, market influence, and more efficient operational processes. That all makes sense, but what should you do about all the disparate ERP or core application data that you need to drive that value from all those disparate organizations and systems? How can you best achieve your target returns without spending all that money to rip and replace those expensive ERP applications without disrupting the business?

Our reference architecture for private equity firms with roll-up strategies is to design and build a data hub. The data hub is external to your ERP and existing application systems at your portfolio companies. It is likely cloud-based and serves as a single source of truth for managing and monitoring performance. Data is sourced from all the disparate ERPs in your world, scrubbed and standardized, and then used to build dashboards and analytics solutions for use across your organization.

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