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Five ways for new project managers to get noticed


As a new project manager (PM), getting noticed in the hiring process is not always easy. Many entry-level positions require a college degree and 1-3 years of working experience in a particular industry. But how are you supposed to meet these expectations if no one will hire you due to lack of experience? According to the […]

8 Top Rated Software For HR Professionals


As an HR manager at a small business, you engage in multiple HR processes. You oversee recruitment, manage and engage employees, track remote workers, and look for ways to gather employee feedback. Of course, these are just a few of the HR tasks you are involved in. To help make these tasks easier and quicker […]

Xref goes full “hire to retire” with launch of new Enterprise platform


The new “Xref Enterprise” platform will offer, in addition to reference checking, Pulse Surveys that allow HR teams to continuously survey and measure employee satisfaction, and Exit Surveys to gather organisational metrics, derive an employee NPS, and build a talent pipeline of returning employees. It is designed to build an organisation’s corporate memory through data […]

Enhance Recruiting Tools To Attract Qualified Candidates


As the labor shortage continues and resignations remain at record levels, leaders are hard-pressed to find qualified candidates to fill open positions. While many are addressing the situation with improved benefits and perks, that does not necessarily translate to ideal candidates who are perfect fits for companies. Enhancing recruiting tools such as job descriptions and sourcing […]