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Messer Construction Co. was struggling to get their employees engaged with a financial wellbeing program. By forming a new partnership with they got 1900% more participation in less than six months. Here’s how they formed the new relationship – and achieved an impressive turnaround:

Looking at the data, the HR team knew employees weren’t using what was being offered by the legacy financial wellness provider.

The main option was to call a coach, but not all employees were ready to take that step.

“Employees aren’t all starting in the same place when it comes to their level of financial confidence and the types of life decisions they’re making,” said Theresa Cappel, HR Director at Messer. 

The previous vendor expanded access via an information hub. However, it wasn’t user-friendly because of the volume of content and a cluttered layout.

Search process

In need of a more holistic approach, the company researched and interviewed a number of new vendors, viewed demos of each platform and discussed the pros and cons of each vendor.

Messer chose to partner with LearnLux with the goal of offering a financial wellbeing program that would better meet the needs of their workforce.

“LearnLux ticked the boxes on everything we were looking for in a financial wellness platform for our employees,” Cappel said.

More options

Because of how much everybody’s on their mobile devices, LearnLux’s mobile-friendly platform was appealing.

The platform allowed employees to easily get a financial checkup, set up a budget and educate themselves  – all at their convenience and their own pace.

Anyone needing more support beyond what they can do on their own can email or chat online with a financial planner, or book a phone or video call for a more in-depth experience.

To make appointments that fit employees’ schedules, LearnLux’s planners made themselves available almost any time, including early mornings, nights and weekends.

Employees that called a planner said they got customized guidance, and that the advisors are personable, non-judgmental and didn’t to try to sell them anything.

Big impact

Engagement spiked when Messer partnered with LearnLux to create a comprehensive benefits communication plan and rolled out the digital + human program to meet employees where they are.

In less than six months, there was 1900% more participation in their new financial wellbeing program. In fact, employees participated in just one LearnLux webinar more than they ever had in the previous program.

In a positive tone, and featuring specific how-tos, it covered how to set goals and make serious progress, while still enjoying life now.

Messer employees felt supported, guided and encouraged by the LearnLux financial wellbeing program, so much so that:

•  67% of employees completed a financial checkup

•  25% completed on-demand money microlearning lessons, and

•  28% started creating budgets.

This improved financial education benefit saved time for the HR team so they can better determine where to focus resources and messaging.

“Employees appreciate that the LearnLux team can meet them wherever they are in their financial journey, whether they are trying to build emergency savings, pay down debt or invest for retirement,” Cappel said.



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