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Updating HR processes: the importance of employee and manager self service


Some of the most agile businesses across Birmingham and the West Midlands are beginning to consider change programmes more regularly in order to introduce more autonomy to the workplace.

Employee self-service (ESS) and manager self-service (MSS) systems are tools that can help give autonomy and responsibility back to employees across several human resource (HR) functions.

Updating personal information, managing leave requests, and accessing certain payroll information are all examples of back-office functions that can help create a greater sense of ownership over tasks, whilst simultaneously promoting operational efficiencies for businesses across the region.

With employees having greater ownership of actions such as reporting absences, claiming overtime or expenses and coordinating appraisals, ESS models bring a whole host of benefits that can not only increase overall productivity but help decrease costs. For example, rather than having to print documents and incur administration and postage costs, key documents can be accessed from a portal. Similarly, MSS can help managers have more visibility over their team, so they can focus on supporting activity and engagement, rather than chasing data.

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