Human Resource

The Cloud’s New Power Partnership

The need for closer collaboration between finance and HR has never been more important. Finance has become the co-pilot to the business, providing the forward-looking guidance management needs to capitalize on the next market opportunity.

Internet of Things

Artificial Intelligence

Disaster Recovery for MultiDatacenter Apache Kafka® Deployments

Datacenter downtime and data loss can result in businesses losing a vast amount of revenue or entirely halting operations. To minimize the downtime and data loss resulting from a disaster,…

Machine Learning

Event-Driven Microservices

Software Is (Still) Eating the World Today, every organization needs a digital strategy to survive. Customers of all organizations are hungry for the best user experience. Gathering data, analyzing that…

Decentralized machine learning

In the era of rapid development in artificial intelligence and machine learning, data quality and relevancy are essential to generate usable applications of high quality and accuracy for machine learning.


STC’s Multi-Vendor, Telco Cloud is the Foundation for New Digital Services

STC is the leader in the provision of 5G services in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain, and as such, it has a deep commitment to supporting Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.…