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Breaking Free: HR leaders on a future of work that’s free from bias

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The past two years have seen a complete overhaul in the concept, nature, and processes of work and the workplace and the human resources (HR) department is at the heart of this major shift. As organisations start to settle, recover and move forward in the new era, the role of HR has become even more crucial, as it goes to outspan its core area.

As we celebrate 75 years of independence, it is a great opportunity for HR leaders to revisit thoughts on the future of work. So, this Independence Day, we asked HR leaders what it is that they would want to change with an independent and free mind to deliver in the new era of work and what does freedom at work mean to them.

Here’s what they said.

‘Display ‘boundarylessness’ in your work’

Our freedom fighters went beyond their respective states, castes, creed and religion to come together to make ‘India’ independent, and HR leaders say this sentiment has to be replicated at work too.

“As an HR leader, I’d like people to display ‘boundarylessness’ in their work by moving beyond their own team, business units and locations to solve customer problems as one organization. This will enable the future of work to move from inter-dependence to independence,” says Raman S R, chief people officer at advanced battery technology and deep-technology startup Log9 Materials.

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