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Facility Siting: Risk-Based Solutions and Their Benefits

Facility Siting is part of the Process Hazard Assessment (PHA) requirement in Process Safety Management (PSM) as it applies to OSHA’s CFR 1910.119. The American Petroleum Institute’s recommended practices (API 752, 753 and 756) offer guidance in performing a Facility Siting study.

There are many approaches to Facility Siting which can be categorized as either consequence or risk-based. Both methods consider the release scenario, but a risk-based approach also considers the frequency of the scenario. A risk-based approach to Facility Siting can provide the best understanding of onsite risks and enables the most cost-effective resolution of Facility Siting issues. ABS Group’s experience in consequence and risk-based Facility Siting assessments, hazard mitigation, and structural engineering provides a one-stop solution to risk-based assessment and hazard mitigation.

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