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Elevate And Future-Proof Your ERP System Through Embedded Commerce


Forward-thinking B2B and service businesses like distributors, manufacturers, wholesalers and even construction suppliers are finding new ways to connect with buyers by turning their ERP solutions into a competitive asset via embedded commerce. Not all ERPs are created equal, and some cloud solutions may be easier to navigate, but even legacy ERP systems that rely on plug-ins and middleware can expand commerce functionality. Today any seller or business, regardless of the solution, can meet their buyers and suppliers through new mediums to sell more, create a more efficient commerce ecosystem and maximize cash flow.

Embedded commerce across receivables and payables is a challenge in the B2B world due to a massive installed base of legacy solutions and outdated business processes. Many companies still use iterations of “on-premise” or “stand-alone” ERP accounting modules and manual processes that were designed for a time when business customers shopped via catalogs and submitted orders that generated paper invoices, to which the buyers responded by mailing checks. And while mailing invoices and waiting for checks still play a big part in the B2B ecosystem, they are massively inefficient and hamper sales.

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