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Five ways for new project managers to get noticed


As a new project manager (PM), getting noticed in the hiring process is not always easy.

Many entry-level positions require a college degree and 1-3 years of working experience in a particular industry. But how are you supposed to meet these expectations if no one will hire you due to lack of experience? According to the latest talent gap analysis by the Project Management Institute (PMI), there are a wider range of project management roles and more job openings than ever before:

“The global economy has become more project-oriented, as the practice of project management expands within industries that were traditionally less project-oriented, such as health care, publishing and professional services.”

With so many project management opportunities available, how can a new PM stand out when you’re up against a seemingly unattainable list of requirements and more experienced PMs?

Here are some resume tips to help you get noticed and, hopefully, land your first job as a project management professional!



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