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Gartner sees 20% employee turnover for foreseeable future

Human Resource

The pandemic, remote and hybrid work, and cost-of-living increases are disrupting the workforce like never before. And these trends are prompting employees to reconsider the role of work in their lives, according to Gartner.

The research and consultancy’s theme for its ReimagineHR 2022 conference, which opened Monday, was an argument that workforces are fragmenting and employees are feeling less connected to their jobs. The best defense against fragmentation and disconnection for employers is to focus on being more human.

In a steady stream of data, Gartner analysts said the past couple of years has prompted some soul searching among employees.

About 65% of them “tell us that they are now reconsidering the role of work in their lives,” said Kimberly Shells, a Gartner analyst, citing a survey at the conference opening keynote. Their families, hobbies and communities “are relatively more valued now than have been in the past,” she said.

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