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Which sectors are falling behind on adopting HR technology?

Human Resource

Investment into business technology has boomed over the last two years, and even traditionally ‘tech hesitant’ sectors have joined the ride – but according to one expert, investment into HR and people management tools is still lagging behind.

According to ADVANCED commercial lead Damien Durston, this trend has been particularly prevalent in the mining sector – a growing, tech-savvy industry with an export revenue of around $300 billion last year. But while the sector has invested heavily into the latest mining and computer technology, Mr. Durston noted that sizable companies are still a long way behind in their HR processes, with some even keeping their timesheets via pen and butcher’s paper. He says that while modern technology has produced many “golden nuggets” leading to significant gains in efficiency, these have not yet been realised by some sectors.

“When speaking to our clients in the mining industry and seeing their people processes, we thought this trend was really surprising,” Mr. Durston said.

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