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Compensation and benefits managers – occupational outlook

Compensation and benefits managers work in nearly every industry. Considering a career as a compensation or benefits manager? Compensation managers devise, develop and supervise programs to see how an organization pays its employees. Benefits managers plan and direct the benefits an organization provides its employees, like retirement plans and health insurance. This guide provides all […]

Beyond compliance: opportunities for interoperability chilmark research brief

According to Chilmark Research, health plans will miss opportunities to improve operations and efficiency if they only view Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requirements as regulatory hurdles. Health plans of all kinds need to look with fresh eyes at how they can use their data holdings to better engage their members and compete […]

Double the value of your equity compensation communications

Compensation is the top driver of employee retention. Read this white paper to learn 3 key steps to making equity a more important benefit for your employees! Retaining top talent is one of the biggest challenges facing companies in today’s competitive labor market. And company leaders know that compensation is king. According to findings from […]

An executive’s guide to cutting HR costs

Learn about key HR areas that ALL entrepreneurs will eventually face. Entrepreneurial execs know that they need to follow the rules, but they may not recognize what decisions may lead to keeping HR costs lower. The following paper will focus on minimizing human capital expenses in four areas: Download Whitepaper

Simplifying complex compensation

How Leading Companies Are Using Strategic Compensation Technology To Drive Better Business Results For many employers, compensation cycles have become longer, more complex and stressful resulting in a more administrative than strategic approach. In this paper, we share an in-depth study on how global compensation leaders are executing a more strategic planning method that saves […]

How to understand food and beverage manufacturing compliance and traceability

Surviving a total recall – your biggest threat to food and beverage profitability This guide will walk you through the importance of food and beverage manufacturing compliance and traceability, the good reasons for recalls, as well as the necessary regulatory pressures. Download this guide to learn: Download Whitepaper

Compliance and marketing can work together effectively

SaifrReview™ helps marketing and compliance collaborate and efficiently create on-brand, compliant materials. For groups such as compliance and marketing, working well together can be tricky. SaifrReview™ can greatly improve your organization’s communication and collaboration because it enables everyone to use the same tool and literally be on the same page. Our AI can analyze all […]

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