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Xref goes full “hire to retire” with launch of new Enterprise platform


The new “Xref Enterprise” platform will offer, in addition to reference checking, Pulse Surveys that allow HR teams to continuously survey and measure employee satisfaction, and Exit Surveys to gather organisational metrics, derive an employee NPS, and build a talent pipeline of returning employees.

It is designed to build an organisation’s corporate memory through data collection of a wide variety of critical candidate and employee metrics, which in turn will help the organisation improve its attractiveness to employees, better compete for talent, expand talent pipelines, and speed up hiring processes.

The platform is fully customer-branded, multi-organisational, multi-language, and self-service. Its key features include single sign on (SSO) and applicant tracking system (ATS) integrations, a custom survey builder, advanced analytics, and custom SMS and email options.

The move to an enterprise SaaS platform will also shift Xref’s global business model away from being solely usage-based, which will allow Xref to decouple revenue recognition from recruiting trends, and increase its addressable market ten fold through the addition of solutions outside of pre-employment.

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